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August 21, 2008

Hey, I came across this website. Richi Roane is a genius when it comes to gaming technology. I spent tons of time surfing his website and my wife and I loved it. While, we don’t game all the time, it is nice to not have to look any farther!  My friends and I started coming together on weekends and enjoyed every second. Lots of fun playing with games and music you can upload.  My friends and I even posted videos on made big! It’s all there people. Get on the site and try for yourselves! 

Richi Roane, MADEBIG

August 8, 2008

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How my friends and I made it big at MADEBIG!



            Who said endless gaming is not possible?  With it’s not!  As long as you’ve got the energy to sustain 24/7 you can play as other’s having described it: until you drop.  Richie Roane is brilliant having thought about this idea and founded


            To others, putting up with the challenge of the games is quite an exhilarating experience.  I know.  I’ve experienced it and I’m absolutely amazed at how dynamic madebig is.


            So, I emailed my friends and introduced to them made big.  In no time they logged on and if I’m Richie Roane I would be absolutely proud to hear what they think of his website.  Excellent! That’s how big is is to them.


Me and my friends started to come together even on work days (after working hours of course) and enjoyed every minute of it.  Lots of fun with plenty of music that you can upload.  Games plus Music?  A perfect combination!  I can’t help but laugh upon refreshing my memories with the funny videos me and my friends made too.  It’s all posted on the made big.


Whenever we saw each other my friends and I instead of saying goodbye say “See you at madebig!”  It simply became a household name for us.  I don’t have to do the search engine in order to find what I’m looking for.  I just go straight to the site and click on Market Exchange and it’s like going to a mall where you can do barter trading.  Brilliant!  I got what I need by exchanging a stuff that I’m willing to give up.  Next time  we log in, my friends and I say “We’ll tag our wives along with us.”


            One weekend, while having a barbecue party at my backyard, my friends brought the stuffs that they’ve got from madebig.  They’ve kept it secret from their wives.  How did they do it?  I simply have no idea.  These kinds of stuff I can’t keep it secret with my wife.  Anyway to cut the story short…you should see the amazement on the wives faces.

They all started asking, “Where on earth did you guys get all these stuff?”  We all unanimously said, 


            The next barbecue party we’ve got, I heard one wife saying to her husband, “Don’t say anything anymore.  I know where!  Madebig.”


            Nowadays, when the wives get together, they showed each other the stuffs that they’ve got from Made  See!  We can’t even beat our wives from doing their shopping.


            Thanks Richie Roane!  You did a brilliant job.  Got a new and similar site like this?  I bet you Richie, my friends and I?  We’ll be the first to log in.

Hello world!

August 6, 2008

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